Key Features

SCSi Membrane

Single crystal silicon (SCSi) membranes mean the device is machined out of one solid piece of silicon creating a more robust, repeatable and reliable end product to surface micro machined alternatives.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

The next generation of wireless devices that harness the potential of micro-technology will depend on energy efficiency for practicality and function. Our capacitive pressure sensing solution operates at 1.8V, consumes 3 µAmps of current during acquisition, and 0.01 µAmps on standby. Low power consumption is another advantage of capacitive based pressure sensing products and NXTSENS is working to further reduce power requirements to enable the next generation of wireless sensing applications.

Wafer Level Packaging

Size matters, we understand that. Our pressure sensors are flip chip capable which allows them to be placed directly on top of their circuitry. This significantly reduces their mounting area, offering a more compact pressure sensing solution.

Capacitive Transduction

Capacitive transduction has lower package stress sensitivity and temperature dependence compared to traditional piezoresistive transduction. That means our pressure sensors can be coated by a wider range of materials enabling them to accurately measure pressure almost anywhere.

High Ultra-Clean Vacuum

Our proprietary absolute capacitive pressure sensors use the highest quality vacuum (10mTorr) with exceptionally low leak rate (45 molecules/sec), which guarantees a more dependable, accurate and consistent measurement.

MVPP Advantage

One size doesn’t fit all. Our unique manufacturing process allows for sensor level customization in a cost effective repeatable manner. That means all companies independent of unit size (from 1,000 to >1 million) can benefit from application specific pressure sensing solutions.