Affordable Prototyping

Our process advantage and supply chain management allows us to produce affordable commercial grade prototypes for our customers specific needs.

Scalable Production

Making affordable commercial grade prototypes allows us to minimize ramp up uncertainties (less uncertainties from the ramping up of device) and reduce commercialization time. Our strategic partnerships and proprietary fabrication processes allow us to produce a wide range of volumes for our clients. We believe all sensing products should be tailored.

Product Specific License

Our customers leverage our technology to gain an advantage in their industry. To ensure their success, we grant our customers exclusive licenses for their application.

Next Generation Development

Technology doesn’t stand still, so why should we? Once we’ve reached full-scale production, our engineers shift their focus on improving our offerings to further improve our customer’s competitive edge. Our goal is to provide our customers with a tailored product roadmap (all different generations of the product) based on their market pressures; keeping our customers on the forefront of sensing technology.